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Thursday, 10-Apr-2008 03:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark

hello ladies,

wahhh..lama tak buat entry and the only thing i post up is a pair of Coach Odette shoes in black? wakakakaka.....it's one of the latest thing in my wardrobe....apa khabar semua??
insyallah i will post up photos of my bro's upcoming wedding....for everyone to see....

and this Juicy Couture Day Dreamer Bag...will soon be mine...yummy...mummy....kira-kira my birthday present for myself la....kih..kih...

this watch also - the Moschino sexy watch..is my gift for myself..it's on its way to me now....

Tuesday, 8-Jan-2008 16:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Dear friends,

Hello and Happy New Year 2008. I know it's been ages since my last entry...but dude..it's been really hectic these past few months. Here are my photos from my recent Jakarta trip. Here i take the oppurtunity to thank anny amilia and hubby for their kind hospitality and warm reception whilst we were in Jakarta. They made my trip so wonderful!!! I wanna come back soon.

Amilia dan suami,

Terima kasih banyak di atas kesudian anda berdua membawa kami sekitar Jakarta. Kemesraan yang di berikan sangat kami hargai. Especially kepada Allysya. Kami akan kembali. Allysya juga kangen sama amilia dan suami!!!! Kami tak bisa membalas budi baik mu amilia. Terima kaseh ya!!! Muahhhsss

Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 06:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Selamat Hari Raya to all friends and family!!

Raya has been makan, makan and more makan....ha..ha...ni baru a few days, belum seminggu lagi...by the time seminggu i will become humpty dumpty la.. this weekend my bro-in-law nak bertunang pulak, so Put...maybe i tak dapat pergi Adam's birthday party huhuhu...tapi jangan sedih ye Adam...auntie Aishah will think of something for your birthday present. these are some of our raya photos, hope u guys will enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 2-Oct-2007 02:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Indigo Carly
Legacy Stripe Tote
Ergo Tote
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Hi guys, ni baru found time to add some remarks to this entry...hehehe...my raya bags and shoes. for raya i managed to grab a hobo from (US, thanks Shirley) and the rest of the bags from Allure (ni lina yg introduce kat i last month and ever since, i hv not stopped buying..helpppp..i need hellpppp) - in fact i got 3 bags from Allure, the stripe tote, the ergo tote and the indigo carly. the ballet stripe shoes pun Shirley tolong belikan kat US for me. Ain't that great - i now hv the matching tote & flats and i recently ordered the stripe scarf from Allure. (i'm into stripes now)

After the introduction of Allure's site to me, i don't think i'll ever pay full price for a Coach bag again. I will patiently wait for it to come to Allure's site. Kalau ada sape2 travel gi US lagi bagus...semua benda aku kirim ha..ha...

Oh i can't wait for the Bleecker collection to come to Allure's site, nak get the duffle or the other design (ntah apa name, tak ingat!!!)

For now i shall lay low coz my hubby yg selalunya penyabar dan tak pernah comment on my shopping is showing signs of discomfort ( i think i bought too many bags for raya la..huhuhu) Nanti Aidilfitri ni kena minta maaf sebab kadang2 beli handbags curi-curi. Sorry sayang...i tak leh resist.

Ok la, enough of this handbags & shoes obsession, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends, family and customers a very blessed & happy Aidilfitri!!!! Travel safely ye. Kalau ada salah dan silap, terkasar bahasa dan tersinggung perasaan, harap di maafkan. Sudikanlah beraya ke rumah we all ye!!!

Sunday, 30-Sep-2007 15:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shopping at Robinson's....

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Hi all...ohh its been such a long time since my last shopping update kat sini, how's puasa guys? i hope semua org happy, sihat and looking forward to aidilfitri. i have not been updating my FP but i sure as hell wasnt keeping quiet and laying low at home haku busy bekerja and shopping..kuang..kuang...

aiyah....last week kat KLCC and 1utama (ohhh...promod at 1 utama broke my bank last week..... ) this week pulak kat Robinson's...the clothes yg i sempat upload malam ni i bali kat Robinson's today!!! Wah, rasa macam one of my shopping sprees kat Hong Kong pulak bila shopping kat Robinson's la...really, i was feeling like shopping kat Harbour City or IFC kat Hong Kong. Robinson's Malaysia ni ala-ala shopping kat Lane Crawford Hong Kong pun ada. Tapi the clothes, the dresses are to die for la...the brands are not available else where in malaysia (tu yg syokk tu!!!)

i think next week nak pegi lagi without lil allysya....ms naughty ni, ever since the tragic death of nurin jazlin, i risau sangat nak bawa dia pergi shopping tau...i takut dia hilang....

ingat nak upload allysya's baju raya, hopefully can find the time to do so and nak uplaod my recent coach purchases hihi..just to share with u guys...tadi tengok the new anya handbags pun tersangat lah ,eliurkan...nad yes, the bleeckers collection pun dah sampai malaysia (thats sooner than usual kan?...)

allysya dapat 1 lagi stroller baru tadi..at the age of 3++..ha..ha..her existing chicco dah tak leh support dah her weight...so we settled for a peg-perego yg leh support up to 30+kg, currently she is abt 18kg, and very dependent on her stroller, i have no choice but to get her a new one, otherwise, patah bahu we all nak carry her, she is the type who will not walk after half hour or hilang arah kalau tak de stroller, she'll be wandering around lost. so guys, lain kali kalau nak beli stroller, terus beli peg-perego, boleh guna from birth sampai dah besar cam allysya. i had to change her stroller from graco to chicco to finally peg-perego.

tata guys..nak tido dulu....

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